Tips for Selling a Horse Farm

Selling a horse farm in today’s market can be a tricky process but one thing is true – if they look good and are well taken care of, it’s more likely that buyers will be interested in the property. If you’re in the process of getting ready to list your horse farm for sale, these tips from our experience and dedicated team at Lamacchia Realty will ensure your farm is looking its best and attracts ideal buyers this spring!

Make Any Necessary Repairs

The first step to take when preparing to list your property for sale is to make any necessary repairs, especially when it comes to your horse farm. Buyers want to see a horse farm that is in excellent condition and requires minimal repairs or updates. Examine each feature of the property from the barns and fences to the pasture. Tackle pressing repairs first and once those are complete, consider an upgrade or two that would catch the buyer’s eye.

Clean and Declutter

Horses require a lot of hard work, maintenance, and tools. Before your Realtor takes photos of your property and before potential buyers view your horse farm, make sure you are cleaning and organizing the barn, stalls, storage areas, and remove all non-essential equipment to reduce clutter. Once your barn, or barns, are complete, do the same thing for the other parts of your property, including pastures.

Make Any Finishing Touches

Once essential repairs are made and you have cleaned and decluttered the various areas of the property, it’s time to make any finishing touches. Whether it’s giving the barn a fresh coat of paint, replacing sections of fencing that are facing the road, replacing sections of grass, small finishing touches and updates will really wow potential buyers.

Know the Land

Knowing the ins and outs of your land including ideal areas for horse keeping, where “after effects” will go, and local zoning regulations will make it easier to answer any questions that come up from your Realtor and potential buyers.