Common Florida Home Inspection Findings

Florida is a beautiful state; there is no doubt about that. And, no matter which Florida city you decide to go or move to, you will see beautiful homes – both houses and buildings. However, when you or your home inspector looks closely at them, you could find some flaws. In some cases, those flaws may be relatively minor and easy on your wallet. But, in other cases, they will make you reconsider your decision to buy a particular home. So, keep on reading to see some of the most common Florida home inspection findings that you should keep your eyes on, especially if you are going on a home hunt without a home inspector.

Damaged Roofs

An old roof, symbolizing roof issues, one of the common Florida home inspection findings.You know what they say in Florida – a damaged roof is a leaky roof! And, unfortunately, damaged roofs are nothing uncommon in Florida. It is because of the state’s particular climate. Since the weather is always scorching hot there, the lifespan of roof materials is incredibly shortened. Excessive heat, brutal winds, and occasional rainfalls cause roofs to degrade. Unfortunately, this is hard to see! Nobody climbs on the roof during an ‘open house’. But, they should as that is the only way to know the condition of the roof. So, before you start thinking about how much you should offer for a home you like, be sure to ask about the roof’s condition. Hire a roof inspector if necessary – it will end up costing you less than completely replacing the entire roof.

Water Damage

Speaking of weather conditions – besides causing roof damages, they also cause water damages that can appear almost anywhere inside the home. Although the weather in Florida is mostly hot, some areas are also very humid. This humidity can cause a lot of damage not only to houses made of wood materials but to all structures and all building materials. The situation can become so bad (if not taken care of immediately) that some homes are impossible to fix – they will have to be torn down. A home inspector will detect water damage of any kind, so make sure to hire one.

Moreover, once you find a completely damage-free home, and once your Big Man’s Moving Company Florida helps you move in, be sure to take extra measures of precaution. Be prepared for the fact that Florida homes require more frequent renovation projects. Luckily, all you have to do for your home to stay safe from water is a regular paint job and occasional caulking.

Awful Plumbing

Awful plumbing occurs for two reasons – bad installation in the first place and outdated and not well-maintained installations. In the first case, you will have to replace the entire plumbing system. Be careful, as this project will require a lot of your time, energy, and money. In the second case, you may have to deal with water on the ceilings, lack of pressure, drains that are draining slowly, mold, etc. Luckily, all of these can be fixed easily – you just need a reliable handyman and a bit of your savings.

Moreover, while the handyman is there, be sure to ask them about Florida’s home maintenance guide! That is, ask about the DIY projects you can do in the future to prevent plumbing problems. Sometimes, all you have to do is clean the drains regularly and fix those leaks as soon as they appear. After all, all flaws happen because the house or the building was not maintained properly.

Poor Electricity

Wires coming out of a wall.Poor electricity is another thing you may not notice at first. It is understandable – most home hunters view homes during the daytime. So, the possibility of bad lighting never crosses one’s mind. However, poor electricity can come in various ways. For instance, there may be something wrong with the electricity system behind the walls that cause the lights to ‘have the shakes’ or cause sparks in the electrical outlets. These things are costly to replace and are also very dangerous for people, especially those with small children and pets.

This is another reason why checking the house together with an inspector is essential. A home inspector is the only one who can assess the entire situation and tell you the exact condition of your potential home. You should not even think about moving in, unpacking, organizing your home before you fix the electricity. If you want to unpack and arrange your space peacefully, be sure that your new home is not hazardous first. If you notice something suspicious about electricity in your home – call an electrician. Bad electrical installations are among the common Florida home inspection findings.

Outdated Upkeep

The final point on our list of usual home inspection findings in Florida is the outdated upkeep. This is a typical problem everywhere in the world, not just in Florida. You probably have a house or a building in your area, wherever you are, that is just in smithereens with cracked driveways, unmaintained yards, squeaky doors, flawed painting, etc. Of course, this is usually the case with older homes. However, that does not mean that newly built homes are in better condition. It is simple – no matter how new the house is, it will look outdated and blemished if it is not well-maintained. Luckily, outdated upkeep is also one of those problems you can solve quickly and with a relatively small budget. You just need to spruce up your new Florida home every once in a while, not only when you move in. If you want things to last, you must take care of them.

If you have set your eyes on a house in Florida, know that hiring an inspector is highly recommended. Their services are way less expensive than extensive repairs you may face after you have purchased a property.